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Classic MK II

The return of a classic. The predecessor of this SCHEU arm sold hundreds and has almost achieved cult status. In response to high popular demand, a redesigned MK II version has now been released.

The modifications to the MK I are concentrated on the total redesign of the base unit for the tonearm. With high-gloss nickel finish and improved lift plus anti-skating mechanism and a lifting base that can be adjusted in two planes, it indeed lifts the comfort of operation and the reliability to a much higher standard.

Tonarm Scheu Classik MK II rot
Tonarm Classic Detail
Tonarm Scheu Classic MK II schwarz
Scheu Classic MK II Detail
Scheu CLassic MK II Gegengewicht

The principle of a unipivot bearing and tried-and-trusted features such as the single-piece tonearm made of laser-cut sheet aluminium folded into a U-shaped profile with optional black or red powder coating, the nitrogen hardened and polished unipivot bearing for minimum friction and the standardised cabling running right through to the cinch plugs remain nevertheless as unparalleled as ever. Azimuth adjustment, lateral balance and anti-skating are built-in components of the arm.

What has not changed is of course the excellent sound and the unbeatable price for an arm of this quality.

The Classic MK II is available in two versions: a 10-inch version and a 12-inch version. The 12-inch version of the arm is as ever the perfect partner for the Denon DL-103. A well-kept secret in high end circles!

A dream team in my opinion, and one providing value-for-money that can with a clear conscience be described as unbelievably good.
image hifi – 2/2009


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