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MC Scheu
Ruby 3

MC Scheu
Kupfer L

MC Scheu

Pick-up cartridges

Since 1995 we have been marketing SCHEU systems with ever-increasing success. Our pick-ups are made at formidable Benz Micro in Switzerland to our very special demands. Over the years we have been able to implement our own ideas and concepts time and again and we currently have three models on offer. Each pick-up is hand-made, individually measured out and tested in elaborate individual listening tests.
MC Scheu Ruby 3
The MC Scheu Ruby 3 is our top of the line model and is based on the Benz Ruby with the generator of the Benz LP.
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MC Scheu Kupfer L
The MC Kupferl L is our classic cartridge.
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MC Scheu SL
MC Scheu SL is the newest model of the SCHEU Analog cartridge family and is based on the famous Benz Micro ACE S.
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