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DIY and Occasions

From now on you will find here not only the indis­pensable original Scheu compo­nents to realize your own designs and dreams. But also current offers and special oppor­tunities. From discon­tinued models at special prices to discoun­ted parts and very special items for specia­lists, we offer you a wide selec­tion of essen­tial audio­phile acces­sories and great expert offers.

In addition, as before for the ambi­tious self-builder, plates in different thick­nesses, bearings and motors (either as a kit for self-instal­lation or ready for use in the housing) as well as various small parts indivi­dually. Of course we are always available to provide recommen­dations and advice. Please send an email to



Cello in blau
Cello with Rega 100 and Ortofon Super OM 10 with a special chassis!
The material is a “light collector”: The daylight’s lightfall on the chassis does exit the edges with an intensive blue light.
The turntable is new, but this finish is not available in our regular programm.
Price: 990 Euro



Upgrade Cello to Cello Maxi
We offer an upgrade for our “smallest”, the Scheu Cello, to the Cello Maxi:
The upgrade package contains a 50mm platter as well as smaller installation parts at the price of 295 Euro.


Premier Clear
Premier Clear
The predecessor of our current Premier MKIII in transparent acryl!
Platter, bearing and motor are of the current line of manufacture. We equipped the MKIII with an SME armboard and a standard armboard.
Price: 2490 Euro

Price for other individual armboards upon request.


Abdeckhaube für Cello
Oversized Dust Cover
Acrylic trans­parent dust cover 65 x 55 x 22 cm (oversized).
Price: 350 Euro


Cello Classic Line Timbre
Cello Classic Line Timbre
The last available units of the Cello Classic Line Timbre with 50mm platter (instead of the regular 30mm platter) are now on sale:
Price: 2220 Euro (instead of 3320 Euro with 30mm platter)



DIY / Accessories

Protective cover for Cello
Cello Dust Cover
A beau­tiful custom-fitted acrylic trans­parent dust cover for the Cello turn­table.


High-End Record securing weight
High-End Record Weight
A seriously high-end record weight made of alumi­num, fea­turing knurled handles and a highly prac­tical inte­grated bubble level. Avai­lable in black ano­dized or high-gloss polished fini­shes. Weighs a whopping 800 grams.


Stroboscope disc
Strobos­cope Disc
To ensure you’re on time: An alumi­num stro­boscope disc in white, avai­lable in 50 Hz or 60 Hz varia­tions.


DC Motor
Direct Current Motors
Our legen­dary drive units are also avai­lable sepa­rately (a.k.a. with­out the turn­table).


Zubehoer Plattenteller
Turn­table Platters
Avai­lable in 80mm, 50mm, and 30mm, satin white, and optio­nally poli­shed, all desig­ned to be ideally compa­tible with our famed bearings.


Zubehoer Lager
Bearing Acces­sories
Our inver­ted platter bearing cons­ists of the follo­wing compo­nents:

  • Bearing sleeve with platter cen­tering pin, pres­sed Teflon disc, and O-ring
  • Shaft with ceramic ball, M6 thread
  • Sealing ring


We are always at your service to make recommendations or provide advice. Please call up or write us an eMail.