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Vinyl rules again. Meet the hand of the king.

For many music enthusiasts, and let us say it as it is: for anyone with ears and the ability to use them, vinyl records remain the one true way to listen to music in all its depth, emotionality and complexity.

With our handmade products, built to the exacting standards of true German engineers, we’re giving you the tools to make these emotions audible. Our range of SCHEU products covers our renowned turntables, very special tonearms, excellent pick-up cartridges and a wide range of vinyl aficionado accessories.

The name of SCHEU stands for outstanding sound quality, perfect tonal balance, absolute musicality and at the end of the listening day for utmost durability in the German toolmaking tradition, too.

If you’ve been looking for a high-end manufacturer combining old-world craftsmanship `Made in Germany´ with an absolute ear, you may have reached your destination.

Take your time for a spin. We are always at your disposal to make recommendations or provide advice. Just drop us a line – or call.

Yours very sincerely
Ulla Scheu



Vinyl workshop 2015 Leipzig

Vinyl workshop with Scheu at the Klangvilla analogue days in the city of Leipzig (Germany). The topics at Leipzigs first ambient hifi studio are turntable comparison, cartridge comparison as well as “the tone arm and it’s specialities”. More information at
2015 Vinylworkshop Klangvilla


HighEnd Munich 2015

Scheu Analog is presenting at the HighEnd in Munich, 14th until 17th of May 2015. You will find us together with Audionet at Room E101.
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Scheu High End Munich 2015



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#nationalcoffeeday Celebrating with #schueanalog Drinking coffee and listening to music all day long! #cedia #cedia15 See MoreSee Less

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SCHEU live in Leipzig: Am 25. und 26. September 2015 findet in Leipzig im Rahmen der Klangvilla Analogtage der Vinylworkshop mit Scheu Analog statt. Die Themen in Leipzigs erstem Ambient-HiFi-Studio (Karl-Rothe-Straße 4) sind Plattenspielervergleich, Tonabnehmervergeich und „Der Tonarm und was ihn ausmacht“.
Wer in der Nähe ist: es lohnt sich!
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Michael WillingDa braucht Ihr ja keinem Vergleich aus dem Weg gehen, Ihr geht sowieso vorne weg. Viel Spaß.

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Scheu Analog shared Opus 51‘s post.

Scheu en France. See MoreSee Less

Scheu Cello Evolution : une très belle platine entrée/moyenne de gamme.

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Michael SpickerNicht schlecht geworden, gelle ? :)

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138 years ago today Thomas Edison invented the first audio replay device: the cylinder phonograph. It took an American to invent the concept, and many years later, it was perfected by a German: Thomas Scheu. Happy #nationalvinylday. See MoreSee Less

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The Devialet room at the 2015 Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show this weekend. Recognize the turntable, tonearm, and cartridge? See MoreSee Less

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Bernd KaniaWoow, B & W Nautilus..

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