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Cello Classic Line

With the SCHEU Cello Classic Line, we wanted to take a step back in time, to that most classical form: a rectangular record player. All three models have a resonance-optimised turntable chassis in a layered structure. Multiple layers of wood and special absorption materials are glued together and veneered with real wood (tineo).

Cello Classic Line Cinema Awards Ru 2015
The SCHEU Cello Classic Line Timbre was awarded `Product of The Year´ by the Cinema Awards 2015 in Russia.

The Cello Classic Line is divided into three models with different features (tonearms and cartridges), different shell structures and different shell designs.


Classic Line Models

Cello Classic Basic Tineo
Cello Classic Line Basic
On the Basic model of the Cello Classic Line, a Rega RB 202 is installed as the tonearm and an Ortofon Super OM 10 as the cartridge.


Cello Classic Evolution
Cello Classic Line Evolution
The Evolution model of the Cello Classic Line also features the tried-and-tested Rega RB 202 arm. The cartridge, however, is an AT 100E from Audiotechnica. The Evolution also features a more complex shell structure.


Cello Classic Timbre Tineo
Cello Classic Line Timbre
Unlike the Basic and Evolution models, the Cello Classic Line Timbre features slate in the body design. While the Basic and Evolution models are restricted to the Rega arm, we are much more flexible when it comes to selecting a tonearm for the Timbre and can offer arm boards for other 9-inch tonearms. The Timbre comes with our standard arm board, on which the Scheu Cantus or Scheu Tacco, for example, can be installed.